Zones of Regulation

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Developing emotional literacy is a key element in supporting students struggling with their mental health. Brooke Lilburne, SSEND Consulting Teacher, ran several sessions with our staff to introduce a program that supports the development of emotional literacy and self-regulation skills. The Zones Of Regulation contains lessons, worksheets, an app and visuals that assist primary and secondary aged students to:

  • identify their feelings;
  • understand how their behaviour impacts those around them; and
  • learn tools to manage their feelings and problem solve conflicts more effectively.

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Zones of Regulation Resource


Spotlight on Science Inquiry Skills

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Dr Tash Kaur delivered an informative session exploring the phases of the Science Inquiry Process. Please click on the link to view her slideshow.


SIS March 2016

Using Excel to Create Assessment Spreadsheets

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Annette Italiano shared her expertise in using Excel to create assessment spreadsheets. Click on the links to view the presentation slides and handout.

Excel Presentation February

Excel Handout February


Managing Challenging Behaviour

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Peta Austen, specialist at the Swan Primary Behaviour Centre, delivered two informative workshops for Education Assistants on managing challenging behaviour. Click on the links to view the resources.

Six Core Strengths for Healthy Development

Corrective strategies

Dan Hughes Attachment Chart

Changing Behaviour with Positives


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Melanie Ewing, a MoneySmart practitioner, shared the Australian Curriculum aligned resources that can be implemented to develop financial literacy in students. Click on the link to take you to the website.


Maths – Scope and Sequence

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During the Australian Curriculum meetings, staff collaborated to create a scope and sequence to assist teachers when incorporating the proficiency strands in their maths lessons.  Thank you to the staff who worked so hard to complete this document.

Maths Scope and Sequence v1.0

History Resources Database

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Representatives from each school in the WEN have met to develop a database of resources to assist teachers in implementing the History curriculum.

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Application Writing for Education Assistants

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Mishelle Delcaro, Associate Principal at Carramar PS, ran an informative session on application writing for Education Assistants. 

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Australian Curriculum

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The F-10 Australian Curriculum sets out the core knowledge, understanding, skills and general capabilities important for all Australian students.

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English for the Australian Curriculum

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This resource is a national initiative to support the teaching and learning of English and literacy from Foundation to Year 10. 

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